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    OS Image Customization

      Hi All ,


      Can we customize the operating system image of  windws or linux or solaris or Hp-Unix or IBM-Aix ?


      If yes which OS we can customize and how.


      I dont have idea of OS image customization it would be great if anybody can guide me or share document on this.



      Thnaks & Regards,


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          Bill Robinson

          can you explain what you mean by 'OS customization' ?


          in the system package in bsa you can define the options for installing the OS - for example you can define what roles a windows 2008 server should have - eg web server, dns server, etc.  for redhat you can define what package groups to install - graphical desktop, db server, web server, etc. 

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            Hi Robin,


            Existing OS image is it possible or not.

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              Bill Robinson

              As I mentioned, in BSA to deploy an OS you create a 'System Package' object.  This defines how to install the OS.  You can have multiple System Packages referencing the same base OS image.  You can specify different options in the System Package to install different components of the OS.  So one system package could install Server 2008 w/ IIS, another could install it w/ DNS.  Furthermore you can link a 'post-install Batch Job' to the System package so that after the OS is installed other software and configurations can be deployed to the target system.


              I would consider that to be 'OS customization'.  But I don't know if that's what you mean by 'OS Customization'.  please explain or give an example of what you mean by 'OS Customization' if my example above does not fit your definition.

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                Hi Bill,


                Thanks for explaining system package information for OS customization.


                I am not asking bladelogic system package customization.My question is existing ISO image of OS(Already created).

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                  Bill Robinson

                  as long as the unattended install method will work w/ your image you can do whatever you want to it.  can you please explain what you mean by 'customize the OS' ?  what are you trying to do ? 

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                    Hi Bill,


                    Actually client requirement is existing ISO image customization of OS, they are not using BMC bladelogic.

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                      Bill Robinson

                      You still have not explained what ‘OS customization’ means.


                      Can you please describe what the customer is trying to accomplish ?  the ‘big picture’ ?

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                        Perhaps he means something like image-based provisioning?

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                          Oludare Ogunmadewa

                          Hi Mallikarjun,


                          Yes is the answer to your questions...  What you need to do is the following:


                          1.     Download the following for "Just" one OS from BMC EPD website (BPM 3.3.10):

                                    i)     DO NOT DOWNLOAD FROM THIS FOLDER ON EPD SITE:

                                              BMC PatrolAgent 9.0.20  (This does not have KMs).

                                    ii)     Common Installer curent version is 7.5.64

                                    iii)     Download the PatrolAgent with KM, from the following folders:

                                               BMC Patrol for Microsoft Windows 4.6.10 (Size about 1Gb)

                                               BMC Patrol for Unix and Linux 9.11.20

                                                   Linux size about 3Gb

                                                   AIX size about 2Gb

                                                   HP-UX size about 3Gb

                                                   Solaris size about 2Gb

                                    iv)     BMC Patrol for Log Management 2.7.00 (Also get the patch)
                                     v)     If needed download Oracle and VMware_VSphere km to add


                          2.     "Unzip" or "Tar -xf" to an empty folder in the following order (Only a single OS):

                                    i)     Log Management KM

                                    ii)     Oracle KM

                                    iii)     VMware VSphere KM (Linux and Windows only and where applicable)

                                    iv)     Common Installer

                                     v)     PatrolAgent KM


                          3.     A "bmc_products" folder will be created from step 2 above.  Run the "install.exe" or "install.sh" from the folder:

                                    i)     If UNIX (AIX, HP-UX, Linux or Solaris), make sure your have port 50001 opened.

                                    ii)     Follow the instruction to create image and select ONLY a single OS flavor.

                                            Create the image in an empty folder

                                            You may select all versions of AIX, or Linux, or Solaris or Windows or HP-UX for the image.

                                             Do not select mixture of OSes.


                          Let me know if you have other questions or if you need additional details.





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                            John O'Toole

                            Hi Oludare - was this reply intended for a different thread perhaps?

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                              Oludare Ogunmadewa

                              Ooops, wrong post. Disregard!

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                                Hi Bill,


                                I dont have much information on exact requirement on customization.



                                Thanks for the information provided.

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