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    Import Servers to Group

    Jim Campbell

      When you use 'Import Servers to Group' if the server name does not exist in the console already it is (silently) added.  Is there a way to globally change this behaviour such that it either silently ignores the name from the list or (preferably) does not add the server to the group but indicates which name(s) are not already in the console?


      Our Blade users frequently receive lists from external groups with varying levels of errors and this has led to a large amount of 'junk' names in the console (servers that had already been decommissioned, cluster names instead of hosts, typos, etc).  I know I can use a nsh script and thats what I do but other users aren't very familiar with using NSH and just fall back to using the UI because it is easier.  On occasion I have also just gone back behind them and decommissioned anything added at a certain time based on DATE_CREATED but this is only helpful when I know about an import.