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    I think I have hit a wall with creating AIX LPAR Virtual Guest jobs with MaxVirtualAdapters

      I have been trying to create an LPAR that has a specific requirement for Virtual Fiber Channels and when creating the VGP in the GUI there is an limitation of 10 maximum virtual adapters which prevents you from numbering them above 10.  The requirement I have is for the adapters to be numbered over 100 to start.


      I tried to create the VGP using the BLCLI.  This was successful since in the VGP XML file there is a parameter for MaxVirtualAdapters.  I set it to 999, and had it map 4 virtual fiber channels; numbered 165, 166, 265 and 266.  I thought I was in the clear until I tried to deploy the Virtual Guest using this VGP.  Upon validating the Virtual Fiber Channels, the job would not let me proceed saying those adapter ids were invalid.


      Has anyone run into this?  It looks like right now my only option is to create a post install script to create the virtual fiber channels on the HMC.