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    Best practice to manage Service Catalog - Service Offering - Services selled to own department

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      Hello everybody, I'm looking for the best solution to manage within the CMDB, the scenario that I'm about to describe.

      The IT department of the customer sells their services within their organization / department.

      The menu of services sold will be put into the service catalog. [BMC Business Service -> Type Technical Services]

      Each service sold has a unique code of the type of service.


           1 Virtual Machine Windows

           2 Virtual Machine Unix

           3 Memory 8GB

           4 Memory 16GB


           20 LAN Storage [100GB]

      Each service has an offering [BMC_ServiceOffering] with its price for the department that ask that service [BMC_Price] and a cost for IT department [BMC_Cost].

      When a department purchase one or more services should be classified as new CIs created? I had thought of as BMC_ServiceOfferingInstance.

      In fact, it is necessary to track not the service catalog, which turns out to be generic, but the service is specific to that department. Each specific CI should have own date (creation, deploy,....)


           Department A buy: ID_1 + ID_3

           Department B buy: ID_1 + ID_4

      Inside CMDB I configured in this way:

           1 [BMC Business Service] -->Dependancy Rel.--> 1.1 CI [BMC_ServiceOfferingInstance] for Department A

           1 [BMC Business Service] -->Dependancy Rel.--> 1.2 CI [BMC_ServiceOfferingInstance]for Department B

           3 [BMC Business Service] -->Dependancy Rel.--> 3.1 CI [BMC_ServiceOfferingInstance] for Department A

           4 [BMC Business Service] -->Dependancy Rel.--> 4.1 CI [BMC_ServiceOfferingInstance]for Department B

           1.1 CI [BMC_ServiceOfferingInstance] -->Dependancy Rel.--> 3.1 CI [BMC_ServiceOfferingInstance]

           1.2 CI [BMC_ServiceOfferingInstance] -->Dependancy Rel.--> 4.1 CI [BMC_ServiceOfferingInstance]

      This management is compliant with the use of the ITSM suite [Incident / Problem / Change] or is it better manage also 1.1 , 1.2, 3.1, 4.1 as Business Service?


      Thomas S.