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    WWN Value for AIX LPAR



      I have got scenario wherein I have got only LPAR of AIX provisioned and now I need to know WWN Value of it. I have to few following commands to know it.


      # lsdev -Cc adapter | grep fcs

      fcs0 Available 01-10 FC Adapter

      fcs1 Available 01-11 FC Adapter

      # lscfg -vl fcs0

      fcs0 U788D.001.KQ12FC0-P1-C5-T1 FC Adapter


      However, as I understood that the LPAR does not have Storage yet and OS is not installed on it yet. So where and how should I run the command through BSA?





      My understanding says, create a NSH Script first in Depot and then create a Job against Physical AIX Box. Is this correct understanding?


      Please guide me as I am non-AIX person.


      Thanks and regards,

      Jigar Mehta

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          Afzal Shaikh

          Hi Jigar,


          The command from NSH script may also not work as the destination to Bladelogic is Frame and there is no agent on frame.


          Sadly we can’t use the AMO boxes as even if there is an agent on this, the commands are made to access from HMC.


          The only way I see is to browse the FC Adapters locally from BSA of the LPAR and provide the WWPN of each FC Adapters to the customer to get the storage to install AIX on it.

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            You can use the web interface from BSA to get the information that you are looking for. I have an AO workflow that does this, but I am currently not on site.


            You can navigate to the section you can see by the browse in BSA through the web interface. You will need to create a static group for the AIX frames and then access the information via a URI - I will post more detials when I can.

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              Thanks Aftzal and Steve.


              However, unfortunately the task has been taken over by a senior who is having more knowledge on AIX then me. So I will try to get update from him and let you know that how your responses are fruitful.



              Jigar Mehta

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                Hi Jigar.


                Well. the AIX command you wrote is no the correct one for wwpn listing... this just list the hba's location.but if don't have AIX installed.

                In order to get the wwpn from a box without operating system installed, the only solution is running this command from the HMC.


                lshwres -r io -m $MACHINE --rsubtype slotchildren -F phys_loc,description,wwpn --filter "lpar_names=$lpar"


                this will show you something like :

                U5802.001.9K80803-P1-C6-T1,8 Gigabit PCI-E Dual Port Fibre Channel Adapter,10000090fa0d52a0

                U5802.001.9K80803-P1-C6-T2,8 Gigabit PCI-E Dual Port Fibre Channel Adapter,10000090fa0d52a1

                Oscar Alvarez