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    Init script provided with RHEL RSCD is not properly written?

      We're using this version of RSCD provided by BMC for our RHEL hosts: rscd8.2.03-rhas4.0-x86_64.tar.Z

      Once installed, it lays down an init script in the standard location. However, this script has a very curious implementation that does not seem to be correct for RHEL hosts.

      Here are some problems:

      • Some of the standard RHEL service directives are not implemented (status, try-restart, condrestart, etc.)
      • The /etc/init.d/functions helpers are not used
      • Related to the previous point, the rscd processes are started as an unconfined SELinux user, which causes findings in security tools such as the CIS benchmark scanner
      • No /var/lock/subsys/rscd is created on start up, which means init will just perform hard kills on the rscd/rscw processes on server shutdown
      • No /etc/sysconfig/rscd is referenced for overloading configuration options

      This page has a lot of discussion about how to create a proper Fedora-like SysVinit script: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Packaging:SysVInitScript