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    Webengine 43 Error

    Jon Trotter

      Receiving this error when running low-level scripts against a URL.  When creating the script, it runs fine and running it over and over again during testing it works fine.  The script was deployed for monitoring and the first iteration (run every 300 seconds), yielded 100% availability.  After the first 15 minutes, however, it started throwing an error, WebEngine: 43 - No response from host - connection lost! Request First attempt

      I looked the error up and found this KB article, KA342366.  I can accept there could be a connection issue, but why would it run fine for roughly 3 iterations and then all of a sudden fail?  I have found that running a few different script tests will be fine the first time they are deployed and run, but after the first 15 minutes the scripts seem to fail for numerous reasons, none of which are showing during the playback in TLE after they have been created in Workbench. Has any one run into the error above?  Anyone have issues with scripts running fine in testing and then fail after deployment?


      Thanks in advance!