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    Show properties from Custom Property Class instances in BDSSA report

    Alexandre Dumont



      We've created a Custom Property Class, called SAP, and created a new Server Property SAP, which type is Property Class "SAP" (I've checked the "Used in Reports" checkbox). We've also checked the "Used in Reports" checkbox for the properties in the SAP Custom Property Class.


      Then we've created created a new Instance of this SAP Custom Property Class for all the servers that would require it, named like the server itself. Then we've populated the properties.


      So, for example, for server sap01, the corresponding instance would be Class://SystemObject/SAP/sap01.


      This SAP Custom Property Class defines properties we want to use for those SAP servers. For example, I have a SID property, and another called ORACLE_HOME.


      I'm trying to show those SID and ORACLE_HOME properties (of the server instance of the SAP Custom Property Class) for each server, in BDSSA, but I can't find them... Where should I look for them? Do they (not) appear in Query Studio?


      (In Bladelogic BSA I can access those property this way: ??TARGET.SAP.SID??, ??TARGET.SAP.ORACLE_HOME??)


      The more I have been able to see related to this in BDSSA is to see the value of the ??TARGET.SAP?? property, which is the name of the Instance itself (I see it under Bladelogic/Inventory/Inventory Server Property/, node "SAP"), but I need to see it's actual content in reports .


      Thanks in advance,



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