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    How to delete unwanted jobs after specific time period?

    Aryan Anantwar

      Hi Experts,


      We have implemented BSA with some use case where we integrated it with BAO & Help Desk application.

      There are few standard batch jobs (containing software & Bl-packages deploy jobs) & USP job are created.

      BAO creates copy of these Batch jobs & USP job with new names for each request from Help Desk & executes them using BLCLI.


      Our issue is, we want to delete the only newly created Batch & USP jobs after a specific time period (i.e 15-30 days).

      These batch jobs has "AUTO_GENERATED" Property "false".


      Also we are creating VGP jobs for each request which has "AUTO_GENERATED" Property "true".

      These VGP jobs also get deleted after some period of time.


      We have tried with retention policy for a specific job for the test purpose.

      it only deletes the job runs etc., but want to to delete the job.


      Please someone guide me over this...


      Thanks & Regards,

      Aryan Anantwar