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    Best way to export 'all available servers' in BBSA 8.x?



      When pushing out any change via BBSA, our change mgmt team insists on a target list of servers.  For the Remedy change ticket.  For a global change, that's all available servers.  ~4500 servers.


      In Bladelogic 7.x, that was easy - highlight the entire list of servers in 'all available servers', rt-click, copy to clipboard,  paste into Excel spreadsheet.


      Now however in BBSA 8.x, it limits the display of 'all available servers' to max 1000 entries.  So we have to select the entire display list 5 times, paste into Excel 5 times.  Still tolerable.


      But what about environments that have 20K servers?  Painful.


      Is there an easier way to export 'all available servers' to a *.csv file?  Using the BBSA console?