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    Registry Key Reporting



      I need to collect some registry keys from Windows machines, and generate some reports.  Thought this would be simple.


      Went to my Windows Inventory Template, under the Parts tab, and added in the registry keys I needed.


      Executed the inventory job against some servers, verified in the logs that the registry keys were in fact collected.  Everything looked fine.


      Ran the ETL job, which also ran fine.  Looked in reporting and can't find them anywhere.



      In reports, I would have expectd this to show up in Inventory > Windows > Registry, and it does not.


      I see other posts which mention creating an extended object, and reporting on specific keys that way.  I do not want to create E.O.s, if this method should work.


      So the question is, the functionality is there to make Registry Parts within Inventory Templates.  Where do they show in reporting?


      Thank you