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    SQL Server Installation Automation


      I've got a task to prepare Bladelogic jobs for SQL server installation.

      I want to use ini file and run setup with this ini file.

      The only problem is how to prepare this ini file. Should it be build using parameters in BL Package, or prepared beforehand.

      I would like to know how I can build package in such cases.

      Thanks for any help.

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          I saw those two and I think everything here. One shows how to create ini file which I know, second how to install from command line with static parameters.

          I want to use ini file, generate it from variables or create beforehand and use it for installation. Take into account that this is ini file will be different for each SQL Server and such installation should be done weekly basis for any new SQL Server.

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            You can do that in a lot of ways.

            is there a huge variation in the ini files ? how many different ini files you will end up in  ?

            you can dynamically generate the ini file depending upon the variables , local properties in a blpackage.


            add the files  as a configuration Object in the Config Object dictionary using  INI grammar file.

            Once done, you will have put the file on a test server with some dummy/test values


            Create a blpackage

            Add these config file from a Live Server Object

            you will see that the file is parsed by blapackage and you will be able to parameterize the VALUES by using BL ppackage properties !

            and then run the command !


            try this -  this is the best method

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              There will be 3 different ini files:

              1. For first node in cluster (usually node A)

              2. For 2nd node in cluster (usually node B)

              3. For standalone server.


              In each ini file there will be about 3-15 variables server related. This is just to give you idea about prerequisites. I will look into your solution and let you know how it goes through.


              Thank you for your help !

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                OK I have list of options in ConfigurationFile.ini:












                FAILOVERCLUSTERIPADDRESSES="IPv4;;Cluster Network;"











                ; Static









                ISSVCACCOUNT="NT AUTHORITY\NetworkService"







                So we have 14 parameters. I tested today 2008 installation successfully using above ini file.

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                  Did you use the CONFIG object method ?

                  or just generating INI using BL Package properties ?

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                    So far I created ini file manually just to check if it works. I published it for you guys for help if you want to do the same automation as I want to do for SQL server installation. Now I will try to create package and generate ini file...

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                      Can you explain how to do :

                      add the files  as a configuration Object in the Config Object dictionary using  INI grammar file.


                      I asked out BL admins and they have no clue how to do this.

                      So far I created nsh script with parameters to generate ini file but this solution is not so nice as before running a package you have to modify parameters.