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    Provisioning and need to add delay before BSA agent enrollment

      Provisioning multiple bare metal server types (BSA 8.3) and running into an issue where the OS is installed and the Agent is installed/configured correctly but on the final reboot of the system it takes some time to come up and the agent enrollment fails because the server is not up yet. I have already verified that after the server comes up the BSA server can reach it without issue. I thought there was a property/setting to tweak the amount of time BSA waits before enrolling or if not you could make a post install script entry to add a delay but that does not appear to be the case.


      After checking around I found the following post from earlier this year where this issue is discussed and the value was apparently hard coded.


      Agent enrollment for Windows Server Core Edition jobs


      Have there been any further developments/functionality added with this that would allow the hard coded value to be changed or is the proposed workaround the only current option? Is there a difference in capabilities/settings (meaning more options) for this when executing from the blcli vs. gui?



      Workaround -


      - check the 'run post-install batch job if agent enrollment fails'

      - as the 1st job in the batch run a nsh script that checks for the server to be up

      - once it's up, goto the next job which is a usp.


      Is there a standard nsh script available for this or do I need to compose one to run against the appserver?