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    Restoring Console Data

      Is there anyway of restoring something that has been deleted from the console. We have lost all our Server build packages and associated batch jobs.

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          Do you mean they have been accidentally deleted ?

          Was there a DB cleanup run after you lost those ?

          if not than ,It is possible but will be tricky , BMC support does not recommend to do it !

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            Yes, it looks like someone has deleted a software job, which was in numerous batch jobs which were linked to all our server build packages. So we have lost alot of stuff. If there is a way, willing to give it a go.

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              Siddu angadi

              Hi David,


              Yes It is possible to restore provided you have not run the DB and File Server Clean-up job.


              If you have not run, work with support team to restore the soft deleted data from DB and File Server.




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                You can try, its not as simple as marking is_deleted=1 in the DB. it can be very complex because of various dependencies and I doubt if BMC Support will even agree to do that for you.

                Do you have any backup policy on the DB you were using ?

                If yes, you may choose to restore it from some recent point ? Obviously you may loose some data which was created after the backup but you may get the objects you are after.

                Also, you can export any objects which you think will not make it  up after restore of DB

                There is no harm in askin BMC support for a solution, you may try.

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                  Thanks Rohit, we haven't done any clean up jobs and we do back our databases up on a daily basis.

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                    i think , you are saved in that case,

                    all you need to do is  -

                    1.  export any new creeated objects you need created after the backup

                    2.  stop appserver(s)

                    2. get the DB refreshed from the last backup ( the one where u think , data is available)

                    3,  restart the Appserver

                    4. Import objects you exported in 1.


                    You should have everything by end of this activity !

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                      Siddu angadi

                      Hi David,


                      if you are restoring one day earlier data is fine. if it is more than week older data, then then do not take risk, involve support team and do the restore.


                      if your Bladelogic is used by multiple user across you orgnization, then it is not recomended to restore data directly. You should be very carefull.




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                        That really depends on how much data has been created after the BACKUP was done.

                        If they can afford to loose objects, then I dont think it can cause any issues.

                        Other than loosing config and objects ( like new created packages, jobs, new added devices, servers, config objects , properties etc etc), there should be no risk !


                        A typical disaster recovery in case the DB is lost and a hot parallel standby DB is not maintained will depend on the restoration of last known good Backup !



                        You should definitely seek help from Support team , when it comes to BMC , its always recommended to get a official verdict from Support team , especially if this is your PROD environment, so that if any thing goes wrong

                        Else, i have seen BMC support rasing questions !.



                        Why do you think its not recommended ?

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                          Siddu angadi

                          Hi Rohit,


                          When you back DB it should also get sync to file server.  If it production one, and more 10 users are using the data and if yu are reverting the data for 1 weeke back, then there is chances of getting objects lost which are create during that week.


                          he should follow proper process such as getting sign off from all end user, putting mainataince mode and involving BMC support in case if back up failed or does not fullfill what he is looking for.


                          I have seen this pain, during my last assignment with on of the biggest customer.





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                            Yeah, as I said earlier, the loss of new objects only from the DB !


                            The fileserver is not impacted at all, when you restore DB, you may end up in new physical payloads for objects on the fileserver - these are of all the objects that were created after the backup time.  These objects will be orphan in the sense that they dont have a reference in the DB, may be they will never be cleaned up as well.

                            But - it will not cause any other issue.


                            The other part really depends on the process - obviously you need to follow your local gudielines and make sure all stake holders, users are informed and asked if its okay with them.

                            But AS far as BL is concerened from techincal point of view - the risk is only loss of new objects which were created after the backup time ( the backup u r using to restore )

                            that is why I recommended taking an export of all new created objects, that may fill in the gap


                            The user needs to follow the set guidelines for DR here, the accidental deletion of data is indeed a disaster.

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                              Mike Jones

                              Do you have the option of restoring the DB and file server /storage files to a different location.


                              If so that might be a quicker option and you can spin up a new application server that points to this restored DB, if the files are restored to a different server but with the same path just create a host entry for the old server name on your new temporary app server


                              If you did this you will be able to browse, the old environment directly in a console and export and import if necessary


                              I have a single VM on which I have done this before, if this does not have a lot of disk space you can restore the DB first and then only the appropriate file store directories once you have identified the object locations

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                                Bill Robinson

                                i would not recommend trying to undelete things in the database...


                                the only method that works right now is to restore from a backup and export/import.


                                i believe there is an idea for a 'recycle bin' or something like that - i think that would be pretty useful.