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    BMC Application Automation Suite

    Justin Dettmann



      Please could you assist me in understanding how BMC Application Automation components fit together.


      I have done some research and by the looks of things you need the following installed :


      • Server with Atrium Orchestrator installed and configured
      • BMC Server Automation for Servers
      • BMC BladeLogic Application Release Automation (Standard)
      • BMC Atrium Orchestrator for Server Automation (Content 20.13.01)


      The tasks we will need to do include for example include the orchestration of a software extraction from a subversion repository, compile the software, move to the destination server and perform the deployment, or for example configure a JMS queue or JDBC in a WebLogic application server, compare two WebLogic configuration and so on.

      Am I missing something in what is required or am I on the right path so far?

      Any help would be appreciated.