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    script export DB by bladelogic


      I need to adapt a script sql 2000 on a sql2008 r2.

      It 'a simple script to export db. I made the necessary changes, it does not work.

      I launched sequels and launched through work while BladeLogic me back:

      Sqlcmd: ': \ patchcedacriexport \ cedacrioutput.txt "-Qselect * from General': Unexpected argument. Enter '-?' for help.

      I am attaching the script sql200 and the same for sql2008.

      Do you have any solution for me?





      set -a

      echo nexec cmd /c osql.exe -E s52dbced.ced.it\\svl -dpatchcedacri -oc:\\temp\\cedacrioutput.txt -Q\"select \* from generale\" -s\; -w3500 -h-1

      nexec cmd /c osql.exe -E -Ss52dbced.ced.it\\svl -dpatchcedacri -w3500 -h-1 -oc:\\temp\\cedacrioutput.txt -Q\"select \* from generale\" -s\;


      echo nexec cmd /c sqlcmd -E in01cp1c-9.ced.it\\cns99p4s -dpatchcedacri -op:\\PatchCedacriexport\\cedacrioutput.txt -Q\"select \* from dbo.generale\" -s\; -w3500 -h-1

      nexec cmd /c sqlcmd -E -Sin01cp1c-9.ced.it\\cns99p4s -dpatchcedacri -w3500 -h-1 -o\"p:\\patchcedacriexport\\cedacrioutput.txt\" -Q\"select \* from generale\" -s\;