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    How do I get the ESXi data (hardware/software/config) into BDSSA

    Mike Jones

      So I have my Virtual Center servers in BSA as managed servers, I have configured the connection objects and I can live browse the Virtual Center configuration object on the managed server. From the live browse I can see all the ESXi hosts, I can view the server model, the configuration, the virtual machines hosted etc.


      The question is how do I do something useful with this information, how do I get it into BDSSA, what reports can I create (the built-in do not look particularly useful)


      The kind of things that would be good are:

      • ESXi hardware report, make, model, serial number, memory, disks & disk usage
      • ESXi servers by Vcenter server, vm's hosted by ESXi server
      • Vcenter configuration clusters, config, networking


      Hopefully someone is doing this and can point me in the right direction