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    Even if 4750 prot is not used, RSCD does not start with "another daemon already running or a lingering client."

      RSCD does not start with the below messages.

      Do you have any idea why rscd does not start?



      10/07/13 19:01:25.411 INFO     rscd - host01 7060 SYSTEM (Not_available): (Not_available): FIPS already enabled

      10/07/13 19:01:25.443 INFO     rscd - host01 7060 SYSTEM (Not_available): (Not_available): Agent version is

      10/07/13 19:01:25.443 INFO     rscd - host01 7060 SYSTEM (Not_available): (Not_available): The operation completed successfully

      10/07/13 19:01:25.443 INFO     rscd - host01 7060 SYSTEM (Not_available): (Not_available): Platform Details: x86;host01 2;5.2;WindowsNT;3790;x86

      10/07/13 19:01:25.458 INFO     rscd - host01 7060 SYSTEM (Not_available): (Not_available): Main: **** RSCD started (app) ****

      10/07/13 19:01:35.474 ERROR    rscd - host01 8844 SYSTEM (Not_available): (Not_available): InitAgentNet: ERROR: Unable to open main agent socket (_net_open failed). You may have another daemon already running or a lingering (previously connected) client.

      10/07/13 19:01:35.490 ERROR    rscd - host01 8844 SYSTEM (Not_available): (Not_available): listen_thread ERROR: 9003:Unable to start/stop network.

      10/07/13 19:01:35.537 WARN     rscd - host01 7060 SYSTEM (Not_available): (Not_available): Main: Wait object 0 listener came down hard.



      We are using default ports for RSCD agent installation.

      Also, according to netstat -a, 4750 is not used.


      Here is the result of netstat.

      C:\temp>netstat -a

      Active Connections

        Proto  Local Address          Foreign Address        State
        TCP    1007server2:epmap      1007server2.***************:0  LISTENING
        TCP    1007server2:microsoft-ds  1007server2.***************:0  LISTENING
        TCP    1007server2:1070       1007server2.***************:0  LISTENING
        TCP    1007server2:1169       1007server2.***************:0  LISTENING
        TCP    1007server2:ms-wbt-server  1007server2.***************:0  LISTENING
        TCP    1007server2:5601       1007server2.***************:0  LISTENING
        TCP    1007server2:28002      1007server2.***************:0  LISTENING
        TCP    1007server2:38004      1007server2.***************:0  LISTENING
        TCP    1007server2:50082      1007server2.***************:0  LISTENING
        TCP    1007server2:netbios-ssn  1007server2.***************:0  LISTENING
        TCP    1007server2:2082       **********:netbios-ssn  ESTABLISHED
        TCP    1007server2:2088       **********:6800       ESTABLISHED
        TCP    1007server2:2091       **********:2800       ESTABLISHED
        TCP    1007server2:2107       **********:6800       ESTABLISHED
        TCP    1007server2:2110       **********:2800       ESTABLISHED
        TCP    1007server2:2138       **********:6800       ESTABLISHED
        TCP    1007server2:2142       **********:6800       ESTABLISHED
        TCP    1007server2:2143       **********:2800       ESTABLISHED
        TCP    1007server2:2438       **********:6800       TIME_WAIT
        TCP    1007server2:2439       **********:6800       TIME_WAIT
        TCP    1007server2:2440       **********:6800       TIME_WAIT
        TCP    1007server2:2443       **********:6800       TIME_WAIT
        TCP    1007server2:2444       **********:6800       TIME_WAIT
        TCP    1007server2:2447       **********:microsoft-ds  TIME_WAIT
        TCP    1007server2:2449       **********:6800       TIME_WAIT
        TCP    1007server2:2450       **********:6800       TIME_WAIT
        TCP    1007server2:2453       **********:epmap        ESTABLISHED
        TCP    1007server2:2454       **********:64572        ESTABLISHED
        TCP    1007server2:2463       **********:49156        ESTABLISHED
        TCP    1007server2:ms-wbt-server  **********:55593      ESTABLISHED
        TCP    1007server2:1048       1007server2.***************:0  LISTENING
        TCP    1007server2:1065       1007server2.***************:0  LISTENING
        UDP    1007server2:microsoft-ds  *:*
        UDP    1007server2:isakmp     *:*
        UDP    1007server2:ipsec-msft  *:*
        UDP    1007server2:ntp        *:*
        UDP    1007server2:netbios-ns  *:*
        UDP    1007server2:netbios-dgm  *:*
        UDP    1007server2:ntp        *:*
        UDP    1007server2:1025       *:*
        UDP    1007server2:1050       *:*
        UDP    1007server2:2467       *:*