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    Edit Lock not being freed when using IE

    Robert Accardi
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      Has anyone noticed that when using IE10 edit locks are not cleared when an edit is cancelled either by switching back to Details view or closing the Edit window? I've tried changing all sorts of document mode and browser mode settings with IE's developer tools and no combination seems to get the free edit lock call (AJAX request to MREditLockAdmin.pl) to be made.


      Applies to FootPrints Service Core v11 and up.



      Rob Accardi

      RightStar Systems

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          Actually, we’ve been noticing the same thing occasionally, and in testing yesterday, the problem occurred with IE9 but not Chrome. So not specifically IE10, but yes, we are seeing it to. Service Core 11.6. I have a ticket into BMC about it.



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            Robert Accardi

            I'm reading something about how IE10 stopped allowing the onunload event for security reasons. I rolled back a few windows security updates to IE that I thought might be relevant, but that didn't help.


            Anyway, did you get any response to your support ticket yet? Did they say whether this a known issue?


            I might have a workaround, but I haven't had time to thoroughly test it. In the javascript on the edit incident form, there is code that basically says "If this is IE, listen for the 'onunload' event. Otherwise, listen for the 'onbeforeunload' event'. When one of these events occur, make a call to the server to clear the edit lock." Well, I changed that logic to have all browsers including IE listen for onbeforeunload, and it worked fine: the edit lock was cleared. That change will probably break IE9 and earlier though, as I'm guessing there was a reason IE was specifically called out to not use the 'onbeforeunload' event as all the other browsers were doing. Maybe what's needed is a version check in those  javascript conditions.


            Rob Accardi

            RightStar Systems

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              I don’t have a resolution from BMC yet. I reported it, they asked for some additional details, which I provided, and I am now waiting for a follow-up response.



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                Robert Accardi

                I think I have a solution. It's working for me in IE8 and IE10. I could use some help in testing it out, if anyone has a test environment and a variety of browser versions.


                The fix involves injecting javascript onto the create/edit form. I chose to attach the javascript to the title field. You have to enter the following into the field's Help Text and Instructions property with Rich Text Mode OFF.



                Ext.onReady(function() {

                    if (Ext.isIE && document.regform.MR != undefined && document.regform.MR.value > 0) {

                        window.onunload = FreeLock;




                All this is doing is checking that this is Internet Explorer and an edit of an issue, not a create. Then it reconnects the FreeLock function to the window.onunload event. For whatever reason, even though the HTML and Javascript created by the FootPrints Perl code already sets this FreeLock function as a handler for the window.onunload event, after the page is rendered, the handler is gone. That's what this custom code restores.


                Rob Accardi

                RightStar Systems

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                  Hello Rob,


                  Is this working for you in other browsers?

                  Not sure what version of FootPrints Service Core you are on, but this was a known issue in versions up to 11.5.1 that was resolved in 11.6.

                  Here is a link to a KB article that describes the issue, along with workarounds until you are able to upgrade:



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                    Robert Accardi

                    Jeff, it doesn't sound like the same issue. From what I'm observing, the call to free the lock when I abandon an edit is not even being attempted. Also, in all of my testing, I am the administrator and I am the person holding the edit lock.

                    I notice that the MRTicketPage javascript has:
                    if (Ext.isIE) {

                        window.onunload = FreeLock;


                    In my tests, FreeLock is not being called when the page is unloaded because I switch to details mode or I close the window.


                    Rob Accardi

                    RightStar Systems

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                      I was having the issue up until a few seconds ago. It was strange because it never happened prior to today but I test in all 3 major browsers and I was adding Javascript when I noticed it. It only happened in IE9, not the others. After adding the code in step 4, it seems to have resolved the issue. Thanks a bunch!

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                        Rob -- I'll test this in our production environment.  We're experiencing the same issue.  Great job with the debugging.  I love using Firebug, but obviously when it's an IE issue, it isn't as easy getting the same information out of F12 to see when the object disappears.


                        Before reading this thread, I had been suspecting for several weeks that the issue was related to how a lot of our help desk folks use "Tabbed" pages, rather than pop-ups.   I'd tell them to stop using the Tabbed windows (such that popups display as a new tab, rather than a pop-up), but rather than changing their IE configuration, they'd simply switch to Chrome or Firefox.   Seems that tabbed views probably wasn't it, after all ... it was simply IE.  *sigh*


                        BMC support tells me that IE10 is "not supported" according to a support ticket I submitted, but we're seeing it on a variety of IE versions (8, 9 and 10 confirmed).


                        Good detective work.

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                          Robert Accardi

                          Thanks, Jason. It wasn't easy, for the reason you said. I think the problem started with a Windows security update and that's why it's happening in all different versions of IE. I wish I knew which update it was so we could just uninstall it.

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                            Had one incident today where IE8 did not successfully unlock after a person closed the ticket.   IE8 = annoying!


                            We have high change control on our workstation patches, but there were so many patches that occurred over the past two/three months, that it would be almost impossible to know.  Some patches can't be reversed, either.


                            We're starting to recommend all of our helpdesk personnel to just use Chrome, especially since Chrome's model of running Javascript makes it more efficient for speed.