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    Error- Error     Oct 7, 2013 8:29:06 AM     Failed to copy file //blfs/F/blstorage/blpackages/root_passwd_chng_preprod-1585.1/bldeploy.xml to //USDAMONAPQUS00.tu.com/var/tmp/stage/root_passwd_chng_preprod-1585.1-2644.8/bldeploy.xml



      I have created a Blpackage deploy job to update root passwords on various UNIX servers. The job fails in simulate phase with the following error- Error Oct 7, 2013 8:29:06 AM Failed to copy file //blfs/F/blstorage/blpackages/root_passwd_chng_preprod-1585.1/bldeploy.xml to //USDAMONAPQUS00.tu.com/var/tmp/stage/root_passwd_chng_preprod-1585.1-2644.8/bldeploy.xml