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    modify the parameters of NSHScriptJob



      this is my problem:

      from a given NSHScriptJob I wish to modify job parameters (Name, value).

      I found this part of code (see below), but I can't extract the parameters name. I can just display values and indices.

      please help.



      blcli_execute NSHScriptJob getDBKeyByGroupAndName jobPath nshscriptJob

      blcli_execute NSHScriptJob getNSHScriptParamValues

      blcli_execute Utility setTargetObject

      blcli_execute Utility storeTargetObject values

      blcli_execute Utility listLength

      blcli_storeenv listLength


      for item in {0..$((${listLength}-1))}


          blcli_execute Utility setTargetObject values

          blcli_execute Utility listItemSelect ${item}

          blcli_execute Utility setTargetObject   

          blcli_execute NSHScriptParamValue getValue

          blcli_storeenv value   

          echo "Index ${item}: value: ${value}"