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    TMART Scripting Query

    Anuparn Padalia



      Is there a way we can directly export the Silk Test Recorder .Script file to TMART Central?


      As I have a script which works fine over Silk Test Recorder but when when we export to Classic project it didn't work.



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          Flavio Bonacordi

          Go to the curent central TMART that is running your script. Open FILES menu under administration... Selec the Download icon on the file you would like to download. Visit the new Central TMART and do the same process but choosing upload from web browser.

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            Anuparn Padalia



            I tried it, its giving me


            ERROR No Valid file has been specified.


            File extension is .script.



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              Flavio Bonacordi

              Oh Man.. Sorry.. That process will work for the projects updated to the TMART Central.. LTZ files If I recall...


              Will will the LTZ (the entire project) work for you?


              Another thing you can try is on Workbench, Create a project, import the script and select from the File menu UPLOAD PROJECT TO CENTRAL...


              that will definately work.

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                Hi Rocky,


                You are getting the file error due to the following reason:


                The stp file you are using is invalid . 

                There are files spanning multiple directories. 

                When TMART opens the package it cannot find the directories because they don't exist in the scope of the zipped package. 

                The suggestion is to create a new project and keep all files in one directory.  Ensure runtime settings are correct and then re-export.

                Also, you should ensure you create, compile and export the silktest project from the exact same version you intend to run it on. 

                So if you have SilkTest 2009 installed on the execution server then you must use this version to create, compile and export the script.