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    Deploy Job Error message - Superseded patch list is not matching with original list

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      Hello All -


      When I run a BladeLogic analysis with the 'Non-Security patches' group selected - normally all groups are selected





      My job fails to create a remediation package, and I see this message in the logs


      Unable to create deploy job for server(s):

      Error: Error occured while processing supersedence information : superseded patch list is not matching with the original list.


      In the BladeLogic Analysis job report - ran with 'Non-Security patches' setting only [which is the only setting to fail a deployment task]

      I see  objects with Status = Missing & Reason = "File Version is less than expected [i.e. Windows\SYSTEM32\CRYPT32.DLL 6.0.6002.18643 < 6.0.6002.23097]

      So it looks like BladeLogic looking for a differenct version of some of the DLL files.


      I have tried the following to resolve this issue:

      Update Catalog

      Remove irrelevant patches


      The BladeLogic User Guide states that the 'Non-Security patches' group  looks for / at the following info:


      Non-security patches - Analyze performance-related fixes, fixes for known bugs, and hardware drivers.


      Can someone tell me what to look for and where to look to remove or update the file(s) to prevent this issue?