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    BladeLogic Server Automation 8.3 offline downloader major issue

      I have a delimma where the offline downloader continues to have download issues from the Shavlik database. There are a number of downloads (which I post below) that are downloading and causing the offline downloader and the patch catalog (which will update successfully without any errors <-- DONT LET THIS DECEIVE YOU!). After several weeks of trying to figure out why almost all my servers were still missing the same patches across the board, I went througha manual process of figuring out which patches were having issues, then I went to the Microsoft download website to individually download all patches that were shown as missing. A lot of the patches were not the same size as the Microsoft online patch website. One of the patches had a size of 113KB while the Windows patch repository showed the patch being around 3X MB of total size. I  then tried to manually install the patches to make sure that the OEM downloaded patches would install successfully and the ones that had size mismatches continued to give errors. After going through the appserver.log and the rscd.log files, I noticed that there were not ANY indications that something was wrong witht he patches. Any feedback would be helpful. If you come across this post and find that the links work again, keep in mind that the problem may have been fixed on Microsoft's side. Here are the following patches from the offline  downloader that were having issues:









      1. Has anyone came across this issue?


      2. How did you fix it?


      3. Is there a way to separate the offline downloader newly downloaded updates from the previsouly offline downloaded updates?