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    Change Management Approval not working after upgrading ITSM from 7.6.04 to 8.1

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      Hi Guys,



      Change Management approval is not working after upgrading
      from 7.6.04 to 8.1. The upgrade method I have used is to install new 8.1 servers
      and then migrate all the data using Delta Migration tool. Most of the stuff is
      working but approval for change management is not. My changes get stuck in the Review
      approval and can’t proceed beyond that. And the changes are not going for
      anybody’s approval. I have also tried to add adhoc approvers and they are not
      getting added.





      I am aware that level IA approval configuration is replaced
      by CI-IA approval in 8.1. And I checked that these records exist in Approval
      Configuration Console.  I have also
      carefully gone through the below links but to no avail.









      If you refer to the attached approval log, when CRQ000000020208
      is sent for Review approval (the record exist in Approval Mapping), the (Change Level IA - Review; Change Level IA - Business; Change
      Level IA - Implementation; Change Level IA - Close Down
      ) are being
      called which is strange. This is because these records don’t exist in Approval
      Server Administration console and they are not supposed to. Do you guys have
      any suggestions?



      1. P.S. – approval for SRM is working without any issues.