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    Get the user's last logged in time using RBACUser getFullyResolvedPropertyValue

    Muthuraman Renganathan

      In 8.2/8.3 we have added a new property for the RBAC user LAST_ACTIVE_DATE. I am trying to get the value using the blcli RBACUser getFullyResolvedPropertyValue. The command fails with could not be parsed error. It works for normal string values . Is there a way we can get the output for the date /time stamp?


      blcli_execute RBACUser getFullyResolvedPropertyValue Test1 ROLE_CREATED


      blcli_execute RBACUser getFullyResolvedPropertyValue LAST_ACTIVE_DATE

      Command execution failed. java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Property reference

      could not be parsed: LAST_ACTIVE_DATE