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    Web in Flash Adobe Acrobat, record simulation TMART

      Buenos días, estamos intentando grabar una página, que contiene tecnología ADOBE FLASH PLAYER en TMART, el protocolo FLEX, se supone que es para estos menesteres, pero tras configurar la máquina virtual de java y activar en la pestaña de transformaciones, las transformaciones de flex, aunque me graba la navegación,  en todas las funciones WebPostBin, me da error 500 al servidor. es decir siempre que solicito algo al servidor, por ejemplo logarme me da error 500.


      La página es https, no se si es por que debería incluir los ficheros JAR de la aplicación en mi proyecto, para que pueda comprender todas las clases de la web, si es por tema de encriptación, que no entiende como debe pasarle los datos al  servidor o que, pero no soy capaz de hacer un loguin en dicha web.




      Good Morning, I am trying to do a script in Tmart that simulate user navigation for web whith ADOBE FLASH PLAYER Tecnology, the Flex protocol, is used for this scripts but after configure my machine and workbench ( information JVM, transformations etc)  although record the simulation, when the script runs, all functions webpostbin fail in 500 error Http. For example, when I login in server, the response is a 500 error.


      The web is https -web, I dont Know if the fail is for not include in project the JAR files whith page class java or the fail is for the encryption used.



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          TMART fully supports recording and replaying of pages that contain embedded pdf files. At the try-script stage you will see the pdf file rendered in the TrueLog Explorer so that you can visually verify that the document is that which you expected to see. Verification of the content in the page is not supported at present but you should be able to do basic verification using the source code shown in the In-Data tab.


          To display PDF data in BMC TM ART TrueLog Explorer, please refer to the below :


          Ensure the "Applet Execution" check box is active. You can do this in the TrueLog Explorer by going to 'SETTINGS | OPTIONS | DISPLAY | HTML RENDERING | APPLET EXECUTION' and selecting the check box "Applet Execution".



          With this button, both Applet and ActiveX control execution is controlled. If you position the mouse cursor over the button you can read in the status bar



          "Enables or disables the execution of Java applets, ActiveX controls, videos or sounds".


          Since the PDF viewer is an ActiveX control it doesn't render PDFs when this button is inactive. The same is true for Shockwave Flash or other application/<whatever> content-types for which an ActiveX control is used for rendering.


          It is also important to note that the TM ART TrueLog Explorer will only render a web page in the PDF format if Adobe Acrobat is installed on the same machine as TM ART.


          It is also worth noting that if you do not have Adobe Arcobat installed you can still verify that a server is returning data in the PDF format by checking the In-Data tab in the True Log Explorer.