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    List all the BLPackages installed on List of Servers

      Hi All,


      I am trying to figure out get list of all the BL Packages installed on set of servers or All Server. Customer needs this data to show on some external application.


      Initially I thought I will write some BLCLI Script to get this details but with that I am getting pretty big XML for each Server and I am interested only on packages name with server mappings.


      With following BLCLI I am getting list of installed BL Packages from server:


      blcli_execute Server getServerDBKeyByName sl73baoapd003

      blcli_storeenv serverKey

      blcli_execute GenericObject getRESTfulURI ${serverKey}

      blcli_storeenv serverURI

      blcli_execute Get "${serverURI}/Assets/PackageTrackingRoot/"


      I can loop through this for all the server but huge server list and every time huge XML will make life difficult.


      Any other way to get this kind of data??


      Also Is it possible to populate some custom property with this kind of data for each server and then customer can refer that property. But again could not parse big XML to only installed packages name? Any idea welcome?