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    Patch language with code  not found

      Hello All,


      When attempting to run an Analysis job, I received a "Patch language with code not found"


      According to the trace.txt log, it states the following:


      2013-09-26T19:33:22.1590109Z 18bc V ScanWorkItem.cpp:128 Start Scanning Process for machine XXXX

      2013-09-26T19:33:22.1590109Z 18bc V MachineSelector.cpp:150                         Testing machine XXXX

      2013-09-26T19:33:22.1590109Z 18bc V Machine.cpp:111 NSGI (1) Name ****

      2013-09-26T19:33:22.1590109Z 18bc V Machine.cpp:121 NSGI (1.1) Name Used - ****

      2013-09-26T19:33:22.1590109Z 18bc V Machine.cpp:148 GetMachineData (Srv - 1) - error is: 53.

      2013-09-26T19:33:22.1590109Z 18bc V MachineSelector.cpp:411 MS_UNABLE_TO_GET_SYSTEM_DATA

      2013-09-26T19:33:22.1590109Z 18bc I ScanWorkItem.cpp:449 All is not well XXXX()

      2013-09-26T19:33:22.1902623Z 1c18 V MultiMachineScanner.cpp:903 Unknown error in setting run complete event, ignoring and exiting run thread

      2013-09-26T19:33:22.1902623Z 1984 V WorkItemQueue.cpp:369      ******     WorkItemQueue::StopAllActiveThreads()     ******

      2013-09-26T19:33:22.1902623Z 1984 I BaseThread.cpp:82 BaseThread::StopThread

      2013-09-26T19:33:22.1902623Z 1984 I BaseThread.cpp:97 Closing thread

      2013-09-26T19:33:22.1902623Z 1c04 I BaseThread.cpp:82 BaseThread::StopThread

      2013-09-26T19:33:22.1902623Z 1c04 I BaseThread.cpp:97 Closing thread


      We are running version


      I am not experiencing this error on any of our other servers in the same environment.


      I have viewed and verified the prerequisites under KA370931.  BMC Support stated the only way to resolve this issue is to update to Service Pack 4.  I was hoping for another workaround besides that.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.