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    Patch Analysis showing different patch results

    Benjamin Hawkins



      We're creating a role that we want to be able to only analyse servers for patches on a server with the minimum level of RBAC permissions.


      I've managed to get this working but I've noticed that when a catalog update happens the new patches aren't able to be used in the analysis job.


      They can see and read the patches but when the analysis job happens it misses them out, yet if someone else not in that role runs the job they can see them fine. The job fully runs under both roles but one role can see around 10 patches more that the other.


      The permissions on the Depot for the restricted role are:








      The users are only to have as minimal permissions as required to run a patch analysis job.


      Can anyone tell me if I'm missing something on the permissions side.


      We are using BSA 8.3.00