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    BLPackage - Host Entries

    Mike Jones

      I have created a simple BLPackage to update host entries but I would like to include the comments, I do not seem to be able to do this easily

      Does anyone know if this can be done with a configuration object BLPackage directly


      The result I would like is something like

          servername     servername.fqdn     #some comment


      If I add this to a BLPackage directly the comment is ignored and the object looks as below




      If I update Value2 to servername.fqdn #some comment the result is as below when the package is deployed

          servername     servername.fqdn

      #some comment


      I have tried including a Value3 in the package and setting that to #some comment but the result is the same, the comment value is always on a new line


      Obviously I could create a script to do what I want and add it as a custom command but I would like to do it directly