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    What is blcoserver.log ?

      Hi all.


      I find the following description in log4crc.txt.

      <category name="blcoserver" priority="info" appender="C:/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/RSCD/blcoserver.log" debugappender="stderr"/>

      but I could not find the description about blcoserver.log in a manual(BladeLogic V8.3 sp1).


      I have some questions.

      What is blcoserver.log ?

      When does it output to blcoserver.log?

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          Bladelogic has this concept of "Custom Objects" which are a bit similar to "Plugins".

          For instance, "Hardware Information" that you see in live browse is obtained using the "hardware information" CO running on your targets.

          At times, when the COs are heavy or java based, they can be used via. a special process, which is blcoserver (and hence the name bl-co-server, make sense?)

          So when this process comes into picture, you'll get its logs.

          Note that "hardware information" is not a CO that gets loaded under blcoserver, so you'll see no logs with it.

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            The blcoserver.log file generally referred during the provisioning process. Say you are provisioning through the CLM and the customization is failing at some point of time these logs from the target machine will help you to understand in details.


            This logs you can find at Target<RSCD/VmWare> folder.

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              You will find that on the vCenter server where the agent is installed. It is the log of the activity performed by the BladeLogic (bl) Configuration Object (co). In the case of the vCenter, it has the VMWare CO pushed to it.

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                Hi all.


                Thank you for the reply.

                I try on the vCenter.