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    blquery Users works on Redhat but not HP-UX


      I have an extended object that works against redhat but crashes BL for HP-UX.


      The command is : blquery ??TARGET.NAME?? -E "//<<server>>/<<script location>>//extended_objects/users.blq

      (Please note I have change some specific information such as server name etc.)


      The users.blq file contains the following:

      user_record_count ('

              printf ("\n[%s]\nname = %s\ntype = %s\nnever expires = %s\nlocked = %s\ndisabled = %s\n",
                      NAME, NAME,
                      if (user_type (NAME) = BUA_ADMIN_ACCOUNT, "Admin",
                              if (user_type (NAME) = BUA_GUEST_ACCOUNT, "Guest", "Normal")),
                      if ((user_status (NAME) & BUA_PWD_NO_EXPIRE) = BUA_PWD_NO_EXPIRE, "TRUE", "FALSE"),
                      if (user_locked (NAME), "TRUE", "FALSE"),
                      if (user_disabled (NAME), "TRUE", "FALSE"),
                      user_group_names (NAME, ",")


      Does anyone know of a specific reason why this shouldn't work on HP-UX servers?