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    How to automate Offline Patch download?

    Aryan Anantwar

      Hi Friends,


      We have a use case, where we must need to use offline patching for windows & Linux.

      So, we created offline patch catalogs for both, also created patch repository for both.

      Downloaded patches using offline patch downloader utility.

      The question is,

      once we have downloaded the patches and metadata files (hf7.cab & pd5.cab), how can we get new patches downloaded in same repository?

      should we run the offline patch downloader again & again manually?

      should we download new data files & add it to depot manually each time to update the catalog?

      or should we write a script to run the offline downloader utitlity & schedule the script run?

      So is the scheduled script run would update the repository with new patches, then what about latest metadata files?


      Please experts help me over all these question....



      Aryan Anantwar