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    BSA 8.2 Server Decommissioning & Licenses

    richard mcleod

      I have been decommissioning a bunch of servers that have been retired in our environment, I tried using the following command

      blcli_execute server decommissionServer $server true


      The command returns an error because it was expecting 1 argument instead of 2. I've decomm'd the servers from BSA without the true arg, how do I ensure their associative licenses are also cleaned up?


      Agent versions on the decomm'd servers vary from 7.6. 8.0.6, 8.1.03, 8.2.03


      Running BSA 8.2.03 and there is no licensing config in blasadmin... Is this now a manual process where I need to export the servers in BL and compare against what the licensing site has recorded?


      host% blasadmin -a show licensing all

      blasadmin now running against the following deployments: _template, default

      Invalid argument: licensing