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    Incorrect OS customization during VGJ deploy

      virtual guest job fails during deployment with a generic error message in the deploy log:


      "Error returned from plug-in ; Plug-in: /DAALDaemonAdapter ; Plug-in error code: 800 ; Plug-in error message: VM deploy from template failed.null ; Plug-in detail message: Exception occurred in plugin"


      Deploy fails from VSphere as well when using the same settings in the customize OS wizard. The message seen in VSphere is "Cannot compete Customization"


      When reviewing the blcoserver_BladeLogicRSCD.log I found several lines that list the Customization OS type as Linux. The VM template is windows 2008R2 Here is the line from the log "name="VMware_Template_SysPrep_OS_Type" type="String">Linux"


      Just curious if anyone has come across this before. Thanks for any assistance.