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    BMC Server Automation 8.3 - how to uninstall wireshark and/or winpcap?

      With Server Automation, MSI installs and uninstalls are not overly complicated. I have been asked to uninstall WireShark and WinPCap (installed together by Wireshark installation wizard. To get an idea of what was installed, I took a snapshot of a server that did not have WireShark or WinPCap installed. Then I installed both to see what was changed. I can't figure out how to mass uninstall all WireShark from all servers. I know there is an "unisntaller.exe" file to use witht he "/S" command but I'm not sure how to put everything together. I have done a lot of research on this, but google will only get you so far; and since WireShark is used for troubleshooting, BSA community forums gives me nothing but troubleshooting resources and none are about uninstalling wireshark.