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    Upgrade path question

      Hi all, our client wants to upgrade their BSA and BDSSA from BSA 7.5/BDSSA 2.0 to the latest 8.3 SP2 for both App and Reports


      Reading the upgrade notes, BMC recommends that BDSSA be upgraded prior to the App Server.


      I wanted to upgrade BDSSA first from 2.0 to 8.3 SP2, then proceed to upgrade the app server from 7.5 to 8.3 SP2.


      I already upgraded BDSSA2.0 to BDSSA 8.1. But before starting to upgrade it to 8.3 SP2, the install doc says I need to upgrade my NSH to be at 8.1 as well. In order to upgrade NSH to 8.1 (its currently at 7.5), the NSH installer says I need to upgrade my App server to 8.1 as well (both BDSSA and BSA servers are installed on same box).


      My question is, can I upgrade my app server like this; 7.5 >> 7.6 >> 8.3 SP2 and then proceed to upgrade BDSSA to 8.3 SP2, or do I need to upgrade App server to 8.1, upgrade NSH to 8.1, upgrade BDSSA to 8.3 SP and then go back and finish upgrading App server to 8.3 SP2.


      Or would that be an overkill, can I just upgrade App server directly to 8.3 SP2 before upgrading the BDSSA? Will this break anything?