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    What are some of the best practices for initial RSCD agent implementation?

      I have tried to use the automated agent installer, configured roles with mapped users/automation principals and have even configured the exports, users (through ACL pushes) and the users.local files to see what works best. I was hoping we could add some of our methods here for others to see. One thing I have done is added a custom property in the property dictionary section, then I imported all my subnets again with a second column having OS entries that correlate with the IP addresses. Then the ROUTING HOST AUTHENTICATION(RHA) / ROUTING HOST AUTHENTICATION ROUTING RULES (RHARR) looked at that custom field to designate which agent installation bundle to deploy to the system.



      -methods for massive import

      -methods for keeping inventory current (inventory of servers managed)

      -methods for keeping inventory current (inventory of servers that can't be managed - virtual appliances)

      -how to setup remote host authentication routing rules (use properties? smart groups? anything else?)

      -method of authentication (automation principal first? local user mapping? etc...)

      -domain controller authentication / permissions / patching

      -windows systems that are not joined to domain?

      -how to setup RHARR for agent deployment (what does your rule look for?)


      ***I understand some of you will start off with "it depends"...and others will ask me to clarify or clarify my question/s. I am not going to sit here and type up some wonderful story explaining the answer to the question/s I'm trying to ask. IF you don't understand what I'm asking up above, which I know there are multiple questions, then try to answer this question:


      "What are some methods or approaches (tips/tricks) that you use in BSA that you find useful, clever or efficient?" (generally speaking)