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    Staging failed while copying from repeater

      I am running BSA 8.3 SP1 as follows:


      1.  App Server running on RHEL.

      2.  Console W2K8.

      3.  Target endpoint W2K8.


      I have also configured my environment to use a NSH Proxy (co-hosted on the App Server), and have also configured an Advanced Repeater (co-hosted on my Console instance).  The File Server is located on my App Server too.


      I am attempting to deploy a BLPackage (containing a single file) to my target endpoint.  My Routing Rules are configured such that the Advanced Repeater will be used.  I have also set the option for indirect staging within my Deploy Job.


      When I execute the Deploy Job I can see the BLPackage being copied to the Advanced Repeater.  But when this comes to be copied from the Advanced Repeater to the target endpoint this fails with the error "Staging failed while copying from repeater..... <Unknown Error>"


      I have manually reviewed the logs and the state of the staging areas on the Advanced Repeater and target endpoint:


      Advanced Repeater state:


      The App Server log shows the file being copied to the Advanced Repeater (e.g. "Replicator: 19082 [35% of 106.2MB (18.3 MB/sec, 0:04) Files: 0/3]" etc.). - through to 100% completion.

      The App Server log shows the NSH Proxy connection being successfully established.

      The staging area on the Advanced Repeater shows the staged file within the temp/blpackages folder - and this has the correct file size.


      Target Endpoint state:


      The staging area on the target endpoint (I selected the Deploy Job option to "preserve staging area on failure") shows the BLpackage under the stage folder.  However, this has a file size of only 8KB, rather than the 106MB I was expecting.  So I am not sure if the local RSCD agent created a new file - but then failed to populate it with any data from the Advanced Repeater.  Or if the copy began but terminated immediately.


      There are GB of free disk space on the target endpoint.


      The local permissions on my target endpoint are * rw..... so should allow all incoming connections.


      I have selected to log all information within the Deploy Job - so cannot obtain any further diagnostic information.


      The local rscd.log on the endpoint does not include any information about the failure.


      Please would you advise how I may troubleshoot this further?