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    How can I modify a report to exclude a user?

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      For example, all of our scheduled work orders are opened under the user "Network Operations Center". During reporting, the NOC user of course sits at the top with the most work orders opened so we're not getting an accurate reporting of the top work order submitters. Is there a way I can modify the report to filter this user out?

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          Try taking these steps:


          1. In Track-It!, select the report you want to edit, and then click Export Report.

          2. Open the report in Crystal Reports.

          3. Click Report -> Select Expert. It depends on the actual report's design and whether the column is already being filtered, but you typically would click the <New> tab, select the column that holds the user's name (TASKS.REQUEST for example), select "is not equal to" from the drop down, and then enter the name of the user you want to exclude.

          4. Save the changes.

          5. In Track-It!, click Import Report, and import the report as another name so it doesn't conflict with the existing one.


          If you wanted to overwrite the existing one instead, make a copy of the file in the ..\Track-It! Services\ConfigurationData\Reports folder to back it up, and then after modifying the report copy it back into the same directory. Just make sure to close and re-open Technician Client so it will use the new one.

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            Excellent! Thank you so much for your help! I've never used Crystal Reports before so I'm lost when modifying reports!

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              No problem. It's actually not too bad believe it or not. You just have to get in there and get your hands dirty. Starting off slow, and doing little things like I've detailed above will build your confidence. Have fun!