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    Query job results per server using RESTful query

    Joshua Skirde

      Hi All,


      We're trying to use REST Webservices to query the job result for each server but having a bit of trouble. We can get the status of the job by getting the children of a group query (/group/Jobs/folder1/job1/) but that only tells us if there were any job errors, not which server the job failed on.


      So we can query the children of the status to retrieve the "Job Run" child and this object has two properties that are of interest:




      ... but attempting to query these I just get back empty lists so I cannot find a relationship to either "Job Log Item" or "Job Result". Even then, looking at a random selection of Job Result objects I can't see the related JOB_RESULT_DEVICES or JOB_RUN properties (they are empty also).


      Any help on how to get the status of a job per server or the job log via webservices would be appreciated.