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    Problem with BDSSA 8.3 SP2 Linux/Solaris installers - hotfix to be released week of 09/09/2013

    John O'Toole
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      BMC Decision Support for Server Automation (BDSSA) 8.3 Service Pack 2 was released on September 4 2013.


      An issue has been discovered in the Linux and Solaris installers for BDSSA 8.3.2 which will prevent the Apache Web Server from starting correctly after 8.3.2 has been applied. The error message will be similar to the following:


      Starting apache webserver...

      ./apachectl: line 80: /data1/bmc/reports/webserver/bin/httpd: No such file or directory


      The issue can be resolved by manually editing some apache configuration files however a hotfixed installer is in the works and should be available by Wednesday Sept 11th 2013.


      Points to note:


      • If you have already applied BDSSA 8.3.2 to your Linux or Solaris BDSSA Server and have encountered this issue, please contact BMC Support for assistance.
      • If you have not yet applied BDSSA 8.3.2 to your Linux or Solaris BDSSA Server but plan to do so soon, we would recommend that this be delayed by a couple of days until the hotfixed installer is available.
      • If you run BDSSA on a Windows Server, you are not affected by this issue and may proceed with the BDSSA 8.3.2 upgrade.


      This post will be updated once the hotfix is available with a link to its location.