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    Rejection Justification also for Email Based Approvals (CM 8.1)

    Andrej Kajzer



      I notice this required BMC configuration for Email Based Approvals (from BMC manual):


      • From the Applications menu, select Quick Links > Approval Administration Console.
        • On the Notification tab, ensure that the Status of the approval process is Active.
        • On the Process tab, select the process, and then click View. Ensure that the Require Password field is set to No.
        • On the Configuration tab of the Process Definition form, ensure that the Require Justification on Rejection field is set to No.


      Does that means that Email Based Approvals will not work for Reject Justification action after change request is rejected?


      Customer would like to use this feature in emails. I never configured email based approvals before and I wonder if someone done all this, experiences, etc..