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    Microsoft Server 2012 R2

    Iain Taylor

      Hi everyone, I know that Microsoft Server 2012 R2 is only to be general release later this year, but does anyone know when in the pipeline you will able to patch/provision with BSA?


      I have a customer that is potentially looking to go straight to MS 2012 R2 as soon as it is released and they want to ensure that BSA will be able to manage the OS.


      Many thanks



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          Akbar Aziz

          Hi Iain


          We are currently testing the preview release of Windows 2012 R2 for the following:

          1. agent compatibility

          2. patching

          3. nsh

          4. provisioning

          5. audit

          6. snapshot

          7. app server support


          Development has found some issues with provisioning and are working with Microsoft to resolve the issues. The goal is to have 2012 R2 supported with the BSA 8.5 release which is tentatively planned for Q1 2014.


          Microsoft will release 2012 R2 on Oct. 18th. Our support policy of BSA is to support new Operating Systems within a 6 month window after release so we are on target with 8.5.

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            Iain Taylor

            Akbar, thank you so much for your response.