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    What is causing Firefox to display UI scrollbars that are not needed?

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      In other words, how do I find out what is causing Firefox to generate (unnecessary) scrollbars when logging into ITSM 7.6.04 UI and switching to full screen mode?



      I am constantly facing the issue that the UI generates horizontal and vertical scrollbars in Firefox, independently of the window size I am choosing. It looks similar to these following pictures taken at the top right and bottom corners. It appears as if the screen content is slightly oversized compared to the visible internal window space; but I am unsure about how I can change that or where to adapt the internal UI size (which is dynamically adapted depending on the size of the browser window). I also saw that under some certain dimensional conditions the horizontal scrollbar disappears, assuming that the UI canvas fits the display.


      Technical Background:

      Firefox 23.0.1; ITSM 7.6.04; Display Fullscreen (1920x1080); ITSM UI (Home Screen, Incident Console and others)


      Is there any advise on how this can be changed (e.g. canvas dimensions?), either through ITSM configuration or through browser settings? I like to achieve to get rid of these scrollbars (except if the window is very small which probably depends on the minimum sizes of the UI components displayed). Still, in fullscreen mode there should be no scrollbars visible.

      Maybe this is a simple question, maybe not, but this surely is a frustrating visible obstacle when working with the UI.