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    How can I copy and uncompress an archive (tar, zip) to a target "in-place"?

    Yanick Girouard

      We need to deploy software that have very big payloads (several hundred megabytes), and we're looking for a way to copy and uncompress those in-place on the remote target servers without having to first copy the archive. Basically, we are looking for a way to reduce the amount of disk space needed to install the product by removing the disk space requirement for the archive itself.


      i.e. If an archive is 200Mb and the uncompressed content is 500Mb, we would like to avoid needing 700Mb to install the product on the server and only need 500Mb instead.


      I've tried playing with different methods, such as piping a cat of //fileserver/archive.tar.gz to a nexec of tar on the remote target, but it just freezes and doesn't work.




      cat //fileserver/tmp/test.tar.gz | nexec target_server tar -xz -C /tmp/testing


      I don't want to use the zip or tar command of NSH directly because that implies that all of the uncompressed data will be going through the app servers and proxies (in addition to using the cpu of the app servers).


      Would anyone have a magic solution to this?