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    Metrics ingested into performance data for BPPM from TrueLog

    Jon Trotter

      Not sure how to describe this, but when looking at a TrueLog for a monitors Execution Log, as you drill down into the log there is a Statistics tab that displays URL information, page load times and some other very important information. My question is, I don't see this in the reporting or as data that can be alerted on, i.e., DNS time is greater than x milliseconds.  I've spoken with someone about this, but was just wondering how others are pulling this information and using it to generate events? Is anyone doing that?  Does this require custom coding to extract the information?


      This information would be very useful, in fact the Statistics data that can viewed in a web browser would be even better in a report, so how would you go about doing that?  Thanks for any help!

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          Hal DeVore

          The very detailed data inside a TrueLog would be difficult to extract.  TrueLogs can be quite large as they contain most of the data exchanged between the client (the replay engine) and the server as the transaction ran.  For that reason they are only stored if there was an error.


          DNS lookup time and other low level times, as a proportion of overall time, is in the detailed page timers.  By default, the detailed timers are not captured for Workbench scripts but are captured for URL checkers.  Be aware that enabling detailed page timers will triple the amount of data that has to be processed putting an extra load on TM ART Central and on the supporting database.  Use them judiciously.


          And lastly, if DNS is something you particularly want to know, it would be significantly less effort for you to write a script to do DNS lookups than it would be build a general parser for TrueLogs.



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            Jon Trotter

            Hal thanks for the reply and insight.  My interest in wanting to extract the data came from a comparison the customer brought to us with regards to another product that offered this information, although it was no more than what was available in TM ART directly.  Obviously, with the integration capabilities available and currently utilized with BPPM (currently they have both products and integrated), the option to see information and have events contain this information would be useful to some degree, but we have instructed the customer to use the TM ART interface to review and sort through this information.


            The interest in DNS information was for response time, not nslookup values, but again this is available in TM ART Central.  Overall I was interested in how/what others were doing with available data in TM ART and results from transactions and what all would be involved.


            Thanks again!