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    Patch catalog complete with errors. (Deprecated url ) Catalog not work.

    Janne Kaarto

      Hi, i have problem with my windows patch catalog. I can not update catalog. Microsoft changed download addresses recently, after this update is not working properly. Most of the updates is loading properly, but a few did not. For this reason, the entire update catalog does not work and I can not rrun the patch audit Job.


      I upgraded to the latest windows-feed-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar from Shavlik.


      There is patch catalog update results:

      Info26.8.2013 10:25:31Patches newly added: 7250
      Info26.8.2013 10:25:31Patches updated: 0
      Info26.8.2013 10:25:31Patches obsoleted: 0
      Info26.8.2013 10:25:31Patches failed to be process: 1
      Info26.8.2013 10:25:31Patches downloaded: 7191
      Info26.8.2013 10:25:31Patches failed to be downloaded: 0
      Info26.8.2013 10:25:31Patches with invalid/deprecated urls: 61
      Info26.8.2013 10:25:31Referrers newly added: 627
      Info26.8.2013 10:25:31Referrers updated: 0
      Info26.8.2013 10:25:31Referrers obsoleted: 0
      Info26.8.2013 10:25:31Referrers failed to be process: 0
      Info26.8.2013 10:25:32The job 'Server 2008 R2_CUJ-2013-08-26 10-00-25-990+0300' has failed


      There is 61 deprecated URL:s. like this:

      Info27.8.2013 10:04:18Deprecated url : Q252463i.EXE:http://download.microsoft.com/download/winntsp/patch/mhh/nt4/en-us/q252463i.exe


      Info27.8.2013 10:04:19Deprecated url : Q251170_W2K_SP1_X86_en.EXE:http://download.microsoft.com/download/win2000pro/patch/mhh/nt5/en-us/q251170_w2k_sp1_x86_en.exe



      If anybody has any idea what was the cause, or how can I skip the invalid addresses?