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    IBM Datastage fails as RSCD user is not part of Administrators group.

      Hi All,


      IBM Datastage installation fails during the pre-req's check as the RSCD user is not a part of Administrators group. If I add the RSCD user to Administrators, the installation passes pre-reqs. How to handle this?


      2013-08-26T04:14:49.880, SEVERE: com.ibm.is.install.engine.requirement.RequirementCheckingVistor  Exit the installation and log in with a user that has administrative rights.  On Windows, the current user must be in local Administrators group.  On Unix or Linux, the current user must be root.

      2013-08-26T04:14:49.880, SEVERE: com.ibm.is.install.Installer

      com.ibm.is.install.exception.RequirementsNotMetException: CDIIN4228E: Some of the installation requirement checks failed.  Specific failure information will be found in preceding error messages.

          at com.ibm.is.install.engine.requirement.RequirementCheckingVistor.visitRequirement(RequirementCheckingVistor.java:46)

          at com.ibm.is.install.engine.requirement.RequirementsReport.accept(RequirementsReport.java:50)

          at com.ibm.is.install.AbstractInstaller.checkRequirements(AbstractInstaller.java:851)

          at com.ibm.is.install.AbstractInstaller.recoverAndExecutePlan(AbstractInstaller.java:661)

          at com.ibm.is.install.AbstractInstaller.execute(AbstractInstaller.java:395)

          at com.ibm.is.install.Installer.main(Installer.java:107)